About Me

Brought up by a father in search of New York’s perfect Cappuccino (he still hasn’t found it) and a mother in love with pasta, I grew a fondness for Italian culture (fine, Italian food) at a tender young age. Through my years in high school this fascination took hold and shaped my interests and thoughts.

I am finally getting to attempt to live as the Italians do–sipping dark bitter espressos in the morning and eating eight course meals by nights–traveling to Rome for four months before attending Columbia University in fall 2014. I will write of my life in Rome—from my many foodie adventures (I can assure you, I will experience and write about the best of Rome’s food), my continued personal attempts at Italian cooking, with an emphasis on homemade pasta, and my journey through the art, architecture, and general history of Rome.

I am an aspiring chef as well, having spent the past summer working on the line at a restaurant in New York’s East Village. On landing in Rome I will travel door to door attempting to find a job in a small Italian kitchen.

In all honesty I have no idea the direction this blog will take. I may focus on food, on history, on me, but I can assure you, the blog will chronicle Rome seen through the eyes of a New Yorker. It will be no frills, fast-paced, and to the point. As the tag line for the blog goes, the ancient city as only a New Yorker can experience it.


Spencer E. Cohen


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